About Us

Corporate Communication Centre of University Malaysia Kelantan is under the jurisdiction of the Vice-Chancellor. PKK is led by a Director who is responsible in managing the University’s corporate communication which includes the following services:

  1. Public Relations & Corporate Communciation
  2. Event Management Consultation
  3. University Promotion and Branding
  4. University Corporate Publication
  5. Digital Media Management
About Us


To be the benchmark of entrepreneurial culture in UMK through an effective corporate and communication system.


Upholding the branding of UMK and fostering an entrepreneurial culture in the organization through corporate strategic system, public communication, social responsibility and international networking.


  1. A centre that is responsible for supporting the development of UMK's image at the national and international level;
  2. The main objective is to brand UMK to become the Institution of Choice among local and international students;
  3. Responsible to build an entrepreneurial culture in the organization